Open to Everyone! Feedsters & Casual Viewers.

Cash Jackpot: $200
Live Broadcast Bonus: 2 points

How it works:

Tune into one of our official @TVCO live broadcasts where we will announce the weekly questions. Submit your answers during the live broadcast by typing them into the chat and receive bonus points. These points will be added to your weekly total and could push you into the winners circle! Download TVCO on your phone now and follow @TVCO in the app to be notified when we go live.

Do I need to watch the feeds to play?

No! We designed the bracket so it can be played by everyone.

How is the Winner Selected?

Every question answered correctly is worth a specified amount of points. Submitting your answers during the live broadcast gives you extra points. The person(s) with the most points share the cash jackpot.

What Can I Win?

The cash jackpot will be split amongst those who get the most points. The prize will be split equally amongst everyone who achieved the same top score.
Winners will be announced on TVCO, Twitter & via Email (if provided).
All entrants agree to the Contest Rules, available at:

Winner will be announced next Wednesday, July 17th.

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